Our Mission

Founded on the principle of “una vita salvari” meaning “one life saved,” Tri-Med Tactical, LLC (TMT) is dedicated to providing the most tactically sound medicine delivered in an easy to understand, remember, and carry out format, even in the most stressful situations.  The first few minutes before first responders arrive on the scene of an austere event are crucial.  Every second that passes is an opportunity to save a life. From the seasoned first responder to the civilian unfamiliar with tactics or medicine, TMT strives to instill medical knowledge, hands-on training, and confidence into those that hold the fate of the wounded in their hands.  TMT is proudly a veteran operated company.

How We Started

Tri-Med Tactical, LLC (TMT) began in the summer of 2013 as a way to deliver tactical medicine into the most austere environments civilian emergency medical services face today. Dissatisfied with current operational procedures in civilian EMS response to tactical environments and the loss of life that could have been prevented, three like minded individuals dedicated themselves to changing current operational procedures through education and training.    This small group of visionary first responders with vast experience and knowledge committed themselves to developing programs and training which included simple solutions and concepts that could be cared out by both first responders and civilians who may find themselves in these austere environments.


How We Can Help

From fire departments, emergency medical services, and law enforcement agencies, to school systems, Tri-Med Tactical, LLC (TMT) has found a way to seamlessly deliver life saving medicine and training to this vast range of backgrounds and experiences while communicating the same core concept.

In this day and age where austere environments, such as active shooter incidents, bombings, and natural disasters, are becoming increasingly common in businesses and schools throughout the world, TMT offers a wide range of training and consulting services for first responder agencies, school systems or businesses interested in being better prepared for such atrocities.  Feel free to contact TMT to learn more about the various courses and training options available.  TMT can also provide customized courses to fit your unique needs and demands.