Mike Stinson

Chief Executive Officer

Michael (Mike) Stinson is an active duty Commonwealth of Virginia Paramedic. Mike has over 20 years experience as an Advanced Life Support provider. Mike had been assigned to a local and regional Technical Rescue Team for well over 10 years. Mike also served as a Field Training Officer (FTO) for his shift and provides training to his department as well as local law enforcement agencies regularly.   

For over 9 years, Mike served as a multi jurisdictional Tactical Paramedic for Hampton Roads Virginia. He is also an active member of the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA). Mike has received numerous  accommodations and awards locally and regionally for his dedicated and professional service.

Chris Hudspeth

Chief Logistics Officer

Chris Hudspeth (USMC/MSGT, Ret) has multiple combat tours in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 1996, Chris became a NREMTB to begin working in the EMS field and continued on the higher education in Fire/EMS. In 2001, Chris became a Firefighter/Paramedic with a medium sized city fire department. Chris is currently assigned to a police department Special Weapons and Tactics team since 2005 as is the lead Tactical Paramedic for this team. Chris is certified in Advanced Canine Medicine and Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Specialist through NFPA. Chris is a member of the Special Operation Medical Association (SOMA).


Chuck B., EMT-T
Chuck is currently assigned as a Lieutenant EMS Coordinator in Ohio with over 35 years experience as a FF/EMT Paramedic. Additionally Chuck has over 18 years experience as a Flight Paramedic. He is assigned as TEMS Team Leader for two Ohio SWAT/SRT Teams.

Marc G., EMT-T
Marc G is a member of the Niagara Regional Police Service with 11 years of experience. He currently serves as a member of the Underwater Search and Recovery/ Marine Unit and the Tactical Support Unit. Marc is the Dive Medic and Tactical Medic for his teams. Marc is a Certified Firearms Instructor and an Active Duty Sniper. He has twenty years of experience in adult education as an Advanced/Technical Diving Instructor.

Joshua X., EMT-T
Joshua is a 12 year veteran of the Virginia Beach Fire Department and is currently serving as a Fire Captain NREMT-Paramedic. He holds an Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Services from Tidewater Community College. He has been a certified Haz-Mat Specialist for the local response team for the last 3 years and has served in that same capacity as a member of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Virginia Task Force-2 for the past 6 years. Joshua is currently the Lead Tactical Medic for the Portsmouth, VA Police Department and has been a member of that team for the last 6 years. He also currently serves under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Norfolk FBI SWAT team as the Chief Tactical Medic. In addition, he served as a Tactical Medicine Instructor utilizing human performance models for Deployment Medicine International for the last 4 years. He also instructs Tactical Medicine teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) through the Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) program at Academi Training Center in Moyock, NC. Joshua recently graduated from the Counter Terrorism Operational Medical Support (CONTOMS) course.

Troy L., EMT-T
Troy is a former Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. He now serves as an officer on a FD and has been the lead medic for his area SWAT Team for the past 10 years.

Athena H., EMT-T
Athena is a 25 year veteran of the Fire Service and USAR system. She has been involved with FEMA USAR since 1993 serving as a Technical Search Specialist, Search Team Manager, Canine Coordinator, Instructor, Canine Evaluator, and Canine Search Specialist. Athena also serves as a tactical medic for her local SWAT team.

Albert G., MBA, AT, ATC, EMT-P, EMT-T
A.S. Woody Goffinett is a 1989 graduate of Purdue University and received his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Woody has worked as an athletic trainer for 25 years and is currently the manager of Wilson Health Sports Medicine. He treats firefighters and police officers daily in an athletic training room located within the Sidney Police Department. Woody serves as a Clinical Instructor for Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, Division of Tactical Emergency Medicine. He is a commissioned police officer for Sidney, Ohio Police Department and tactical medic for Sidney-Piqua Tactical Response Team and provides medical support for other area tactical teams, notably the Dayton Police Department Narcotics Division. Woody is a volunteer paramedic with Perry Port Salem Rescue. Woody is a leader in the role athletic trainers can play in public safety. He is a member of the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association Critical Incident Stress Management Team. He assist teaching at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and National Center of Medical Readiness; providing lifesaving self-aid-buddy-aid skills to first responders. He has presented athletic training concepts at the Special Operation Medical Association Scientific Symposium and the Ohio Tactical Officers Association Symposium. Woody is current president of the Public Safety Athletic Trainers Society, spoken at the National Athletic Trainers Association Annual Symposiums on athletic training and public safety interest, and has contributed articles on Athletic Training Response to Emergency Situations.

Travis has 20 years of experience in the sports medicine/rehabilitation world of Allied Health. He was formerly a Director of Sports Medicine for a Physical Therapy Clinic as well as most recently a Manager of Sports Medicine Services for a large health care network. Travis served 5 years as the Director of Medical Operations for a Professional Baseball Organization and currently 13 years an active member of the US Olympic Sports Medicine Team serving USA Olympic Teams on 3 continents. He focuses his skills now on public safety. He has been a police academy instructor for 10 years and is the primary author and serves as the lead fitness instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Office of the Ohio Attorney General. Is a 7 year member and Tactical Medic for the Wright State University Department of Emergency Medicine – Division of Tactical Emergency Medicine. Travis has lectured locally, regionally, and nationally on various topics regarding Law Enforcement wellness.

Bruce S., EMT-T
Bruce is an Air Force Medic Veteran and now is currently a Navy Corpsman with Fleet Marines. Bruce also has over 3 years experience in Executive Protection.

Advisory Board

We are honored to have the following individuals serving on our Advisory Board. They are dedicated, experienced, and influential in their respective communities. They have graciously offered to assist our faculty as well as be a resource to our staff. Some advisory members have asked us not to list their names due to the nature of their assignments. For further inquiries, please contact our staff.

Dr. Joel C. Michael, MD, FACEP, NREMT-P
Medical Director, Tri-Med Tactical
Emergency Physicians of Tidewater
Assistant Clinical Professor, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Operational Medical Director, Isle of Wight County Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Brian L. Springer, MD, FACEP
Director, Division of Tactical Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio

Dr. Rupinder S. Sahsi, EMT-T BSc (Hons) MD CCFP (EM) 
Attending Emergency Physician, Kitchener-Waterloo Emergency Departments
Regional Base Hospital (EMS) Physician, HHS Centre for Paramedic Education and Research
Assistant Clinical Professor, (Emergency Medicine) McMaster University
Clinical Assistant Professor, (Tactical/Emergency Medicine) Wright State University

J. Allen McElroy, EMT-T, MD FACS
Trauma Director, Marietta Memorial Hospital Marietta, Ohio
Medical Director, Washington County Sheriff’s Office; Special Response Team
Adjunct Professor, Ohio University College of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Marietta College PA Program

Dr. Joseph D'Amico, DVM
Medical Director - Veterinary Medicine, Tri-Med Tactical
Waynesville Veterinary Hospital

Jason D., EMT-T
Jason has over 10 years of EMS Experience in Virginia and New Jersey. He has served as an EMS Captain, Police Officer, and Tactical Medic. Jason is a CONTOMS Graduate and a DCJS certified General and Firearms Instructor. He has served as a tactical medic for 7 years and was cross trained as an entry team member.